Policlínica Dental Rogé in Andorra, more than 20 years at your service

Our way of working is the reflection of our philosophy:

Our team at Policlínica Dental Rogé of Andorra works with a great professionalism and precision, and at the same time we offer a very warm and close treatment. This humanity is reflected when it comes to treating each patient and each need.

More than 20 years of professional experience at Policlínica Dental Rogé and hundreds of satisfied patients are our best guarantee as a reference dental clinic at an international level.

The Dr. Rogé’s cabinet

The Dr. Rogé’s work cabinet is his office and consultation. A discreet place for work and meetings, where a functional and professional sense predominates, combining cutting-edge technology with personalized treatment.

Surgery rooms and dental chairs

In our facilities we guarantee that both the work of our team and the treatments for our patients are carried out in the most comfortable way. Thus, in the clinic there is a surgery room and five dental and orthodontic chairs, to allow us to carry out any consultation: maxillofacial surgery, emergencies, reconstructions, etc.

Sterilization room

In a dental clinic such as Policlínica Dental Rogé of Andorra, with numerous consultations, it is necessary to have a room dedicated exclusively to the sterilization of all the material and tools used in our consultations and treatments.


Our radiology services are integrated in the clinic and offer to patients the agility and comfort of being able to get all kinds of radiological tests without leaving the Dental Clinic: scans, X-rays, panoramic radiographies, CAT scans, etc.

Public areas

The reception, the waiting rooms… All the public areas at Policlínica Dental Rogé of Andorra have in common functionality, aesthetics and comfort. We offer elegant spaces so that your wait is more pleasant before the consultation.

Meeting rooms

Our meeting rooms are designed to allow a meeting between professional and patient with all comfort and confidentiality: with professional equipment and the necessary privacy to treat each patient in a personal and discreet way.

A great human team at your service

Our professional structure -dentists, implantologists, prosthetists and laboratory technicians in the same centre- allows us to perform tooth extractions, implant placements and provisional teeth on the same day.

Our team can develop their work efficiently, since we have exceptional facilities where to carry out our patients’ consultation.

Each specialist collaborates closely with their counterparts from other specialties, thus saving time: your time.

With us, you are in good hands.

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