Our work ethos reflects our philosophy:

In search of realistic beauty and an effective integration, very different from the artificial.  

Teeth are not actually white; they change throughout your life.  A genuine smile is beautiful, whether at 10 or at 60 years of age; each smile though, has its nuances… as do the changing seasons.

Our work seeks an outcome based on discrete beauty, not on sheer pretentiousness.  “

Dr. Michel Rogé, a professional and personal career devoted to dentistry

There are professional careers that stand out for the talent, the effort and the passion of their protagonists. This is the case of Dr. Michel Rogé, who has always devoted himself passionately to the study and practice of highly especialized aesthetic dentistry.

Following his own philosophy, which is the result of an exhaustive academic training and many years of research, Dr. Michel Rogé works day by day with his team of professionals at Policlínica Dental Rogé, in Sant Julià de Lòria (Andorra), to offer comprehensive dentistry solutions to patients around the world.

His inquisitiveness for dentistry drives him to continuous training, to constant revision and learning, and to the use of the latest advances in technology, in addition to paying thorough attention to the evolution of his specialty.

This has made him a great specialist in prosthodontics on an international level, who is capable to carry out, as well, a great activity as a transmitter of knowledge by participating in several congresses every year.

Academic training of Dr. Michel Rogé

Halfway between several universities in France and in the United States, Dr. Michel Rogé chose from a very young age a highly specialized and qualified academic training, which began in the basic knowledge of dentistry and continued until reaching his greatest specialization: prosthodontics.

Thus, his academic training began in France, where he obtained the certificate in bacteriology and virology at the School of Medicine of Montpellier (1980), and graduated in dental surgery at the School of Dentistry of Montpellier (1982).

He then pursued his higher education at the Goldman School of Dental Medicine at Boston University (certificate in prosthodontics, 1985) and at the University of Southern California (Master of Science in Education, in 1986, followed by a year of Preceptorship in the School of Dentistry, in 1986).

Then it was time to return to Montpellier and get a specialization in fixed prostheses (School of Dentistry of Montpellier, 1987).

Dr. Michel Rogé continues his academic and professional career through research and dissemination, offering and sharing throughout the world his experience and knowledge that he also acquired from other specialists.

Professional activities and speeches of Dr. Michel Rogé

Dr. Michel Rogé conducts a private practice of dentistry at Policlínica Dental Rogé in Andorra, where he coordinates his team of highly specialized professionals and personally attends a large number of cases each year, especially about dental prosthetics.

Since the 80s, Dr. Michel Rogé has participated in conferences around the world, highlighting the United States and Europe, where he has made speeches and talks at conferences, universities and associations as relevant as: International Symposium on Ceramics (several locations), Association Dentaire Française (Paris), International Academy of Computerized Dentistry, Faculdade de Medicine Dentária (Lisbon), Fifth Annual Symposium on Implantology – Implant and Esthetics (Boston), Université d’odontologie (Montpellier), Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (Barcelona), MISS Annual Symposium (Madrid), COEC (Girona and Barcelona), Colegio de Dentistas de Baleares (Mallorca).

Esthétique analytique en odontologie

New publication of Dr. Michel Rogé

As a result of the experience and knowledge of Dr. Michel Rogé, we are facing a book specialized in dental aesthetics, whose objective is to disseminate everything he has learned throughout his academic training, combined with an intense professional activity in Policlínica Dental Rogé and with constant research in the aesthetic dentistry field.

– – –

In this book, Dr. Michel Rogé develops his ideas about the balance that should be found between what the patients aim for -a standardized beauty- and the realism and naturalness of a smile according to their age and appearance.

– – –

Esthétique analytique en odontologie is a highly specialized dental publication that, in a short journey since its publication, has already become a benchmark in the world of aesthetic dentistry.

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