Dental, orthognathic and maxillofacial surgery at Dr Michel Rogé’s international dental clinic (Andorra)

At Policlínica Dental Rogé, in the Principality of Andorra, we offer several highly specialised oral surgical services, including maxillofacial, periodontal and orthognathic, in addition to wisdom teeth extraction, bone grafts and dental implants.  You will be in the good hands of Dr Michel Rogé and his team.

What is maxillofacial surgery?

Maxillofacial surgery is a specialism dealing with the diagnosis and oral surgery related to diseases, injuries and defects in the skull, face, head, neck, oral cavity and jaws.

Within the maxillofacial surgery specialism at Policlínica Dental Rogé we offer a wide range of treatments:

  • complex extractions,
  • orthognathic surgery,
  • reconstructive and cosmetic surgery,
  • dental implants,
  • maxillofacial reconstruction,
  • treatment of trauma and cysts,
  • oral oncology.

What is periodontal surgery?

Periodontic treatment is the removal of those factors causing disease, and maintaining optimal, long-term oral health. In an initial phase, treatment consists in removing bacteria from the periodontal pocket by scaling, root planning, antibiotics, etc.

However, if the periodontal pocket is deep and the infection cannot be thus controlled, periodontal surgery becomes necessary, whereby, in addition to cleaning the sub-gingival plaque further corrections can be made to anatomical defects caused by periodontics.

Should you require periodontal surgery, Policlínica Dental Rogé in Andorra make specialised surgeons available who all possess superior qualifications and great experience.

What is orthognathic surgery?

Orthognathic surgery is the medical specialism that allows reconstruction, either for functional or cosmetic reasons, in those cases with problems of facial harmony.

Orthognathic surgery is performed with the mobilisation and repositioning of the upper jaw, cheekbones, lower jaw and chin, in order to recover harmony in the facial skeleton:  to achieve a proper chewing movement, and to improve gum health and facial cosmetics.

At Policlínica Dental Rogé in Andorra orthognathic surgery is performed in cases of mandibular retrognathia, prognathism, facial asymmetry and other facial deformities.

It should be noted that oral reconstructive surgery at Policlínica Dental Rogé in Andorra is performed painlessly by highly specialised oral surgeons: current anaesthesia techniques permit every type of oral intervention without causing any suffering.

Policlínica Dental Rogé in Andorra: maxillofacial, periodontal and orthognathic surgeons available for you

Policlínica Dental Rogé in Andorra is where you will find the attention of the best dentists specialised in maxillofacial, periodontal and orthognathic surgery. Our extensive experience in all types of cases endorses us professionally throughout the world.

Our experience is at your disposal, from the time of diagnosis until the completion of recovery for any reconstructive, cosmetic and health treatment, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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