Esthétique analytique en odontologie

The way we work is the reflection of our philosophy:

“The search for realistic beauty and integration, against artificiality.

Teeth are not white, teeth change throughout life. A smile is beautiful at the age of 10 and at the age of 60, but each one has its nuances… like the seasons.

Our work is based on the respect for this sense of the beauty of discretion, against the pretension.”

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“A smile that is aesthetically well integrated is the one that is realistic and not artificial.”

Dr. Michel Rogé

Esthétique analytique en odontologie

Esthétique analytique en odontologie was published in 2015 and it has already found its place among the reference books on highly specialized dental aesthetics. In what is his first book, Dr. Michel Rogé explores and exposes his philosophy on the art of dental aesthetics.

The double aspect of Dr. Michel Rogé as a dentist and as an educator at the same time leads him to consider that the artificial dental aesthetics, that of the cult of whiteness and symmetry, is not realistic, and that the patient must be taught that a previous analysis is necessary to the treatment of dental aesthetics so that the result is as natural and realistic as possible.

The beauty of discretion and naturalness

The philosophy of the art of dental aesthetics, according to Dr. Michel Rogé, consists on branching off this concept of beauty that is so artificial and unified, and define the needs of each patient on an aesthetic level, using as a basis the harmony of the teeth with the person, thus achieving natural and realistic teeth.

About the author: Dr. Michel Rogé

Dr. Michel Rogé was trained in Europe and the United States. He settled in Andorra more than 20 years ago, and he is now the soul of Policlínica Dental Rogé of Sant Julià de Lòria. This long career, together with his level of dental specialization, has led him to give conferences and talks in the United States and, above all, throughout Europe.

At the Policlínica Dental Rogé, where he receives clients from all over the world, he has a team of dentists and offers all kinds of dental treatments, from the treatment of periodontitis to cosmetic reconstructive dental surgery, maxillofacial surgery and other specialties.

Esthétique analytique en odontologie
New publication of Dr. Michel Rogé

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“This book is a pleasure to read, both intellectually and clinically. I hope that the eight years of work needed to finalize this book will be rewarded by finding the readership it deserves.”

Patrick Simonet, SOP (Société Odontologique de Paris).

A piece of work on dental aesthetics that has already become a reference in the field. Esthétique analytique en odontologie details with explanations, diagrams and photographs both the most technical aspect and the most artistic aspect of dental aesthetics from the point of view of Dr. Michel Rogé.

Quintessence Publishing Group

Quintessence Publishing Group is a French publishing house with international projection -15 global subsidiaries, 25 publishing languages. The French subsidiary of Quintessence Publishing Group, a publisher highly specialized in books on dentistry, has been responsible for the publication of Esthétique analytique en odontologie.

Dr. Michel Rogé had the pleasure of participating in one of the conferences of the Congress of Quintessence Publishing Group in May 2017.

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