At Policlínica Dental Rogé we use state-of-the-art technology to carry out our work in the best possible way, but we also work hand-made and manually, since we firmly believe in this combination as the key to the functional and aesthetic success of our treatments.

At your service

Our team of ceramists puts at your disposal their knowledge and skills to create the piece you need in line with the rest of your original pieces.


The machines in the radiology room allow us to study each patient exhaustively, achieve a high precision diagnosis and decide the best treatment. X-rays, scanners, panoramic radiographies, CAT scanners… All in the same space, for your convenience.

Radiology team

Put yourself in the hands of our radiology team: we will make a complete study and a diagnosis through all the necessary tests.


The laboratory at Policlínica Dental Rogé of Andorra includes a modelling area, a scanner, a ceramists’ room and an area that is ready to make splints, implants, all types of prostheses (fixed, removable), etc.

A comprehensive and integrated laboratory

Our laboratory allows us to carry out highly specialized prostheses and implants, according to the needs of the patients and, of course, with no need to leave the clinic: agility, coordination and efficiency.


Metal and other opaque materials, such as zirconium, are an obstacle to the light.

Therefore, we work on the production of pieces that transmit light naturally, thus magnifying the transparency of the real tooth.


Our goal is to provide a dentition that is as natural and realistic as possible, keeping in mind many elements: the age of the patient, the state of his or her original pieces, etc.

We firmly believe in the 4 seasons of the year applied to life and, therefore, we create pieces that are in perfect harmony with the age of each patient, to achieve the beauty of realism.


Once we have determined what piece to make, the most advanced machines and tools in our laboratory allow our implantologists and prosthetic specialists to work with impeccable precision.

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